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The Art of Truck Calling

by Billy Campbell

Practicing Your Calling

Between hunting seasons is the time we use to prepare or at least should be used to prepare.  Securing hunting grounds, practicing shooting, cleaning equipment, and practicing calling are all things to keep us busy in the off-season.  When the season starts we all want to be prepared for that first day in the field.  With all the anticipation of that first morning, you don’t want that first sound out of your call to be anything but perfect.  With all the other preparation that we do, sometimes practicing calling is pushed to the backburner.  You definitely don’t want to be that guy or girl sitting in the blind with your buddies and your calling sounds like a rubber duck toy.  You don’t have to be an expert caller but you want to be prepared enough to be successful.  Honing in on your duck calling skills can be done anytime and in places many overlook.

Utilizing Driving Time

Finding time to practice calling might be difficult but there is always drivetime.  Time in your vehicle can be utilized for trying out new calls and refamiliarizing yourself with the feel and sounds of your go-to calls.  It might be months or a full year before you’ve even looked at a call let alone practiced with one.  When you are in the truck or car, grab a duck call and work on your skills.  Try out new sounds you’ve never attempted and refine your normal routines.  Hang your lanyard over your rear-view mirror so you always have your calls in the truck.  When you are riding to work, grab a call and lay on it, and give the other drivers on the road a show.