Best Wakeboards for Beginners

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Best Beginning Level Wakeboards

Whether you’ve dabbled with wakeboards here and there on the lake, or you’re just needing to pick up a new wakeboard and start trying it for the first time, purchasing one that makes it a little easier to get up (and stay up) is worthwhile! But what makes a beginner wakeboard different than an intermediate or advanced board?

  • Size: Overall, you will want a larger wakeboard for your size. A shorter wakeboard is slower and difficult to maneuver in the water, but easier to maneuver in the air. A longer and bigger wakeboard is more stable and easier to control. If you weigh on the lighter end (from 100–160 pounds), you’ll need a 134 board. If you are over 160 pounds, you would want to get into the 138-142 or bigger range.
  • Rocker: A continuous rocker is best for a beginner wakeboard rider. A 3 stage will feel loose and at times uncontrollable.
  • Bindings: The most important thing to look for considering the bindings is that closed toes are for high end riders, while open toes are for a beginner rider that might not know his size or how a wakeboard will ride.


Liquid Force RDX

While it’s a 3 stage rocker, the construction and molded-in fins make it a breeze to cut through waves and wakes, and it deals with flat water with no problems too.


Connelly Pure

This is another 3 stage rocker, but it is subtle and offers a stable ride that limits any speed or stability issues. This is a great starter board for any beginners out there!


Hyperlite Motive

This is a true beginner wakeboard. The Hyperlite Motive has a smooth continuous rocker, and it is shaped to give the user predictive maneuvering, which will make it easy to respond to and accelerate at your demand.


Ronix Vault

This is a board for beginners that offers a stable platform to build from. With a 3 stage rocker that is extremely subtle and very balanced sides, this design should be a strong contender for your first board.


Hyperlite State Jr.

Looking for a beginner wakeboard for kids? Look no further than our number one choice, the Hyperlite State Jr. This is an all ability level wakeboard, that any experience level can handle. The shorter and more effective edge design makes it an easy and smooth ride, but also allows for easy toe side wake jumps!

Whether you are in the market for a wakeboard for your boat for all levels, or trying to buy a beginning wakeboard for your kid, these beginning wakeboards are some of the best that 2020 and previous models have to offer! Did you find one in this list? If not, keep looking and do your research. Finding the right wakeboard for you will be well worth it!

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