Know Your Regulations


When duck seasons are opening up across the country, hunters are out trying to locate ducks and properties to hunt.  With every season, we need to check for new regulations we should be aware of and this is even more important if you are hunting in multiple states.  Rules and regulations change constantly and are posted on state agency websites.  It is a good idea to check the new regulations before planning a hunt to make sure you are following all new regs.  Public land also has regulations that change periodically so just because it is public property doesn’t mean you don’t need to check for updated policies and area features.  Depending on what type of hunting you are doing, there might be more guidelines for you to follow.  For instance, boating and launch areas have separate policies that some duck hunters may need to follow.  There can be a lot of variation in the regulations in one sperate area, let alone within the same state.

Updated Regulations

As hunters, we should always strive to uphold a positive image for the sport of hunting.  By making sure we follow the laws and regulations, it will support the public image of hunters being responsible and ethical.  As an individual, nobody wants to get in trouble for negligence or break any rules because of not reading the updated protocols.  Not only can you get fined, but you could also lose your license and not be able to hunt at all.  So next time you head out into the field, make sure you check for any regulation updates and make sure you are following the local policies.  By knowing the regulations you can also help other hunters who might not be aware of updates or local guidelines.


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