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5 Elements of Public Land Waterfowl – Scouting

by Billy Campbell

We all know how important scouting is with any type of hunt. Waterfowl scouting is at a different level of importance, mainly due to the regulations. Once you understand those regulations, you can utilize them to better your scout. Some regulations may turn you away from your favorite spot, so it is essential to see what public land is available. When you find the right place to scout, it is best to take note of the patterns the ducks fly in. Billy suggests that knowing the direction of where the ducks fly in and leave is essential. It will show you how comfortable the birds are when coming in and how frequently they are working. Scouting the correct spot also gives you information about how many hunters will be present and just how sensitive the ducks are to those hunters.

Using these tools for your next scout will provide a better hunting experience. Check out the following video in this 5 part series for more public land waterfowl hunting tips!