5 Elements of Public Land Waterfowl – Preparation


Billy Campbell is back with his new tips and trick video to prepare us for this upcoming waterfowl season. This episode focuses on the first of five elements of public land hunting which is preparation. Preparation includes time management, knowing regulations, and having your gear dialed in.

Part of being prepared is knowing the regulations of the area you are in, and it is your responsibility to stay up to date with any changes. Regulations can change on a dime, especially with public land hunting. Knowing what regulations are in your area can give you insight into where the ducks are going. Because of the constant change in regulations, it is ideal that you always check for updates before you go on your hunt. Another task before you leave on your trip is to make sure to check all of your gear to ensure you won’t be caught off guard. From the basics of setting decoys to bringing a cover for your boat are the elements that can make or break a hunt. A vital takeaway tip is that it’s always good to take note in your hole of which direction the birds are moving in case you need to find success in the future.

Head over to the next video for the second element and more tips about the public land waterfowl game.

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