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5 Elements of Public Land Waterfowl – Concealment

by Billy Campbell

Duck hunting is different than other forms of hunting. You can make more noise, have a bigger group of guys, and run boats through the water. However, when it’s time to work birds, it’s time to lock in. The ducks are not looking for what’s right, but they are looking for what’s wrong.

Blending in with your environment is crucial for success in public land hunting. All it takes is one sparkle or flash for a duck to fly away. It’s essential to do everything in your power to stay concealed before taking the shot. If you feel like you blend into your surroundings perfectly, it is always best to still move slowly and stay out of the duck’s line of sight. Double-check that your boats are covered and don’t move too quickly, or else you might miss your only chance that day to go home with a duck.

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