Duck Boat Prep

Depending on location and quarry, some hunters and fishermen/women rely heavily on a boat.  During a given hunting or fishing season, the focus should be on your desired activity.  Equipment breakdowns and delays caused by in-season maintenance, that could have been prevented, eat up precious time.  A pre-season boat maintenance regimen will allow more productive time on the water or in the field.

The Different Areas of Boat Maintenance

Boat maintenance between seasons to needs cover everything.  Electrical and mechanical systems, as well as the hull, should be inspected.  Nobody wants to be stranded, or lose a morning in the duck blind due to preventable issues.  You can start with a quick inspection of the hull for cracks, bad rivets, or any other issues.  A quick wash to remove any debris should be in order too.  The electrical system including lights, fuses, and batteries is not only important for functionality, but for legality.  Boats are required to have working lights of certain colors, especially for nighttime boating.  Basic maintenance of the motor includes changing the oil and replacing spark plugs.  A motor’s propeller can become worn down from friction with water, vegetation, and mud.  A sharp propeller blade can create the torque required to blast out of sticky situations.  Keep an eye on your prop from year to year, and when it is significantly worn down, replace it. These basic pre-season boat maintenance tips will add years of life, and better performance to your boat.  These are all things that you can do at home, without taking your boat to a marine mechanic.