Season 24 Episodes (2018)

2018 Sportsman’s Adventures Preview Fishing Tour (24.1)

Season 24 Playlist

Come aboard as Capt. Rick Murphy tours the globe fishing for adventure. Exciting new sportfishing adventures are just around the bend….

Captivating Reel Fans Since 1994

          Sportsman’s Adventures is the hottest fishing show on saltwater. Hosted by Capt. Rick Murphy and filmed live in fishing hot spots around the globe, each episode is loaded with action and surefire techniques on how to find and catch game fish––inshore and off. And, thanks to the advanced camera action, you feel as if you are right there.

Up Your Fishing IQ

          Learn as you watch. Pick up pointers from Capt. Rick and other professional anglers onboard and apply them the next time you go fishin’. So get ready to fish hard as the 2018 season of Sportsman’s Adventures once again takes you to exciting destinations with the world’s top anglers.

Join Us Year-Round

          Sportsman’s Adventures airs on Discovery from January to April, Pursuit from January to June and Fox Sports Sun from April to March.

Why Watch Sportsman’s Adventures?

  • Entertaining, high-energy
  • Excellent source for new products and techniques
  • Creative camera angles, especially drone shots
  • Highlights on location’s history and hangouts
  • Commitment to conservation
  • Learn something e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e!

For more information about Sportsman’s Adventures, Please visit their website at http://www.sportsmansadventures.com/