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How To Pinfish Rig Snook Fishing – Everglades National Park

by Kristine Fischer
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How to Rig Pinfish Snook Fishing in the Everglades – With Kristine Fischer

If there is one place to be in late summer, it’s the everglades targeting snook! Kristine Fischer is out in Everglades National Park with a live bait pinfish rig snook fishing. Anytime April – September is a great time to fish in Florida and specifically the park for snook and redfish! Check out the video and the information below on how to rig a pinfish for snook!

How to Hook a Pinfish Fishing for Snook 

Kristine is using a circle hook and pinfish bait, this method Is used by hooking the pinfish through the head, through the nose, or above the eye to let it swim freely and hook whatever ends up swallowing it. Circle hooks have been gaining popularity as they set themselves, and give the fish a higher chance of survival since the removal is a breeze. When using a pinfish circle hook size can range from 2/0-to 4/0 which still allows the bait to swim naturally. 

The Everglades are WILD

As you watch Kristine fish the Everglades, you’ll notice that it is a place full of wildlife! Besides the amazing snook and redfish fishing, the glades are full of predators! During the fishing trip, Kristine and her companion had a constant battle to save their catch from sharks. This often meant rushing through the fight and slinging the fish up on the boat with a very quick release! Just another reason to use the circle hooks with this type of rigging system.