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‘Man Eats Wild’ Host Mario Kalpou Utilizes Outdoor America Producer Portal IP Platform

Renowned outdoor lifestyle adventurer, chef and television host Mario Kalpou (Man Eats Wild) has reached an agreement with Outdoor America to utilize the network’s producer portal IP platform to manage his production assets, as well as distribute new short-form video content to industry social media platforms. The announcement was made today by Outdoor America CEO Nick Rhodes.

Kalpou, who travels around the world in search of adventure in the wilds, as well as the “kitchens” he creates in those locales after harvesting his bounty, is embarking on a high-volume, topical short-form production schedule designed to drive his social audiences. Because of the sometimes extreme locations of his travels, his work requires the maximum flexibility and automation provided by Outdoor America’s exclusive producer portal IP platform.

“As I produce a volume of short-form videos from all over the world for my social audiences, I require a cloud-based platform that is tailored for the unique demands of outdoor media professionals,” Kalpou said. “The Outdoor America producer IP platform gives me the ability to upload, edit and distribute content to social media from any location on any device. It also will be utilized in my future productions of program-length content.”

From his childhood, the Australian-born, professional hunter, fisherman and restaurateur has pursued an obsession for harvesting wild game, as well as mastering the adventurous outdoor lifestyle that goes with it. With his grandfather’s influence – a world class chef – Kalpou also combines his passion for the culinary arts to grow and promote the idea of sustainably harvesting fish and game from “field to table.”

His adventures also have resulted in Man Eats Wild, an action-packed television series, fusing Mario’s passions and talents. The show, and its host, introduces viewers to new cultures and cuisines from around the globe after harvesting wild game in adrenaline-pumping action.

“Mario and his Man Eats Wild brand represent a new generation of outdoor experts embracing technology and growing their audiences across multiple distribution channels,” Rhodes said. “We are delighted he will be using the Outdoor America producer platform and look forward to his future programming content.”

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