Labor Day at Lake Fork


Lake Fork is known for its fair share of ShareLunkers, but in the late fall, it can be challenging to find bites on the lake. Kristine Fischer has found the secret to success on Lake Fork. When getting to the lake, the best possible climate is sunny with no wind. Choppy water or cloud coverage just doesn’t appeal to the fish. When the sun is up, it’s essential to fish around the flooded timber. Move the timber around and cast some lines in those areas as the bass tend to stay close to the timber. One of the best baits you can throw is the football jig. These bass eat big, so don’t be afraid to throw on a big 1/2-ounce to 1-ounce jig. This time of the year, the bass tend to be around the 15-25 foot depth range, no more or less. If you are planning on fishing with anything less than a 20-pound test, think again. It’s best to work with a 20-pound or even 25-pound floral. They are some big and aggressive fish that will break your line and your heart.

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