Wrapping up Duck Season 2021-22


Locating Ducks

Logging in long hours and putting on miles to find ducks can be tedious but often times is needed to put your eyes on ducks.  Depending on where you are located, January may be a challenge for finding a population.  That being true, putting in some extra work is no sweat when it pays off in the end.  Ducks have an amazing, natural ability to find new fresh water.  They will continually try to locate new habitat even within a smaller general area.  New habitat bringing fresh water, grasses, cover, and food sources.  Dabbling ducks especially will relentlessly attempt to locate new fresh water with productive habitat.

Finding New Water

Ducks are able to respond to the natural water cycle and they can easily locate new water on the rise.  It may take a lot of work on our part to find new habitat but using hunting apps and online aps can definitely help.  A mapping app can allow you to see where water has been in the past and where new water might rise with certain weather.  With most apps you can also mark your maps with possible locations to try so when you are ready to scout you can save time and head right for those pins.  Significant cold fronts and an increase in water can mean increased duck numbers.  If you are hunting in the south you have the chances to catching traveling ducks ahead of or with the cold fronts.   If you can put yourself on that new water for when the ducks start moving you will be in good shape.

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