Selecting the Right Duck Decoys


Buying New Decoys

As the season approaches and you are gearing up, there are some things to consider before purchasing new decoys.  When looking at different options, the main factor to consider is the attention-grabbing qualities of the decoy itself.  Does it look like it will stand out and get the duck’s attention?  If you are buying it, then the answer should be yes.  Some of the newer decoys on the market have some amazing detail, bright color, and really show up well to ducks in the air.  It is really important for the ducks to be able to see the decoy so when you are calling they can pinpoint exactly where that call is coming from.

Decoy Selection

Another factor to consider is the durability and material of the decoy.  You want a decoy that will withstand transport, getting tossed around or drug, and all types of weather.  If you carry a lot of decoys then you definitely want to consider the weight.  A heavier decoy doesn’t always mean a stronger decoy, so why add more weight to the bag if you don’t need to.  The price point is also a main factor for many hunters.  Updating your decoys can be costly with some brands out there.   If you can find a moderately priced decoy, you may be able to afford a few more which can help you attract more ducks in the long run.  The more decoys you acquire the more storage space you will need also.  Decoys that are easily stacked or stored together will take up less room and help save time when organizing.

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