Hunting the South Texas Rut


Rattling in Big Bucks

Southern Texas is known for big bucks and aggressive rattling.  One way to get these dominant bucks fired up during the rut is by getting close to them and getting their attention by rattling.  Using trail cameras can help you pinpoint specific bucks in the area and locate where they might be bedding.  If you know the bedding area you can use a smart approach to get within earshot.  South Texas terrain often provides you with senderos and small clearings within mesquite thickets to set up on.  Position yourself in a way where you are concealed and can easily spot deer coming across the opening into the calling. Various rattling methods along with grunting can be very effective during the rut.  One slightly more aggressive technique is to rake your antlers on a small sapling or on the brush to imitate a buck making a rub.  Follow this with a rattling sequence that is loud and assertive enough to reach bucks at a distance.

Being Ready

When rattling and calling during the rut, things can happen very fast.  Being set up and ready to shoot in the blink of an eye is a must.  You might only have a few seconds to spot the buck, aim, and make a good shot.  Doe will frequently come into rattling first with a buck following soon after her so if you see a doe coming in, get ready.  If you are rifle hunting, having a shooting stick, bipod, or tripod is critical for providing a quick, stable rest.  With fast shots, you want to make sure you are as steady as possible so there is less chance of error.  Rattling in south Texas is exhilarating when you get mature bucks coming in and they are all rutted up and ready to fight.

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