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Glassing and Stalking Velvet Mule Deer – With Melissa Bachman

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outdoor america glassing and stalking velvet mule deer - with melissa bachman

One of the most coveted early season hunts across the US’s several states and seasons is for velvet Mule Deer! In this video we join Melissa Bachman in Sotry Creek Outfitters, Colorado for some early season velvet mule deer glassing and stalking action. She has had success year after year at this outfitter and sheds some light on some helpful tips when it comes to hunting these muleys!

Glassing Mule Deer Tips 

While there were no shortage of bucks to glass up on this Colorado mule deer hunt, the difficult part was connecting the glassing and the stalk. Finding stackable bucks was the key to melissa’s Continued success! The one thing that makes the stalk difficult in the early season, besides for hot weather, increased humidity, is that the bucks are in bachelor groups, meaning more eyes and ears to fool!

On this hunt, plenty of opportunities come and pass by without success, something you get used to when hunting out west for mule deer. In the scenario that ended up leading to the harvest,  success was looking slim. The deer were eating in acorns in a bachelor group in thick cover with nothing but open field around them…making getting in tight a problem. Like often happens the hunters got caught in the open as the bucks moved to bed. 

 Melissa’s Gear 

  • Mathews Avail
  • Rage Broadheads
  • Easton Injection Arrows – cuts down on wind drift and maximizes penetration
  • HHA site
  • Swaorvaski Spotting Scope
  • Binos?