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Fit for Hunting

by Billy Campbell

Preparation and Fitness

We all have the preparation we do for our hunting seasons.  As these seasons pass and father time takes another year, you can’t always ignore the toll on your body and mind.  We lose a little vigor every year, that’s just biology.  We also know through an activity we can increase, or at least maintain our strength and conditioning.  Finding the time during a busy work week for exercise isn’t always easy or even a top priority.  If you are a hunter going into the field after an animal, you should always strive to be fit enough for the hunt.  Being fit means something different for everyone and everyone has their own fitness requirements.  Some hunters walk 50 yards to their spot and some hunters put on miles.  Some hunters carry a lot of gear and others carry very little.  Whether it’s hunting ducks, deer, elk, or turkey, you know what kind of effort goes into being successful.

The Aptness of a Hunter

One aspect of hunting that many adore is comradery.  Being able to spend time with your friends and family in the outdoors is one of the main reasons we hunt in the first place.  We all want to be able to participate in the hunt and help our hunting partners when they need us whether it’s carrying decoys or setting up a blind.   Plus, if you have the physical ability to push a little further then you will be able to hunt more locations and more ducks.  Easy ways to maintain strength and conditioning are things like walking or running, stretching, and weight lifting.  Doing some simple bodyweight exercises like pushups, sit-ups, and pull-ups will help you stay fit from season to season and can also help maintain the hunter mindset.