Fall Food Plots and Velvet Bucks – Midwest Whitetail Chasing November

By Outdoor America

Hunting Fall Food Plots 

July and August are prep months for deer hunters in the Midwest and northern states. Time spent hanging stands, cameras, and especially planting fall food plots is all to ensure food to hunt over come opening day. The opening day of Iowa’s bow season for Midwest Whitetail’s Josh Sparks proved the concept that hard work in the offseason pays off. The hunt for a giant velvet whitetail on opening day kicks off on October 1st. 

What ultimately made this hunt and success possible was the combination of the fall food plot planted in brassicas, the little pressure on the plot, and the cell cameras over the food plot. As any deer hunter knows though, the success is hidden in the details. For Josh, truly the little pressure on the plot before the season kicked off paid off. During the video you can clearly see all different age classes of bucks and doe family groups working the plot, including a decent buck bedding in the plot! The information that lead to this incredible buck’s harvest, besides the combination of food + little pressure was the fact that Josh had a Cell Camera over a mock scrape just 25 yards from the stand. 

When it comes to fall food plots and a giant velvet buck, or any buck for that matter, a mock scrape or scrape located in the plot is a must! It can be the single piece of the puzzle that relays whether or not to go in and hunt the plot for a particular buck. Why? It’s not often a buck of this caliber hits a food plot without checking a notable scrape. This is so much so that most if not all your cell cameras should be located on scrapes across your properties since scrapes are used heavily during the entire hunting season! This buck, this video, is testament to the power of fall food plots and that dialed in intel! 

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