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Cashing in on Fall Bucks

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Best October Deer Hunting Strategies and Tactics

October for bow hunters is paradise…for more reasons than just finally being able to climb up in a tree again. October for most bowhunters will be filled with beautiful golden hour afternoons, cool crisp mornings, and a handful of big buck encounters. October may be the best time of year for many hunters, but it’s no walk in the park, and no deer in October is a “give me”, it takes the right hunting strategies and tactics to get in front of a bruiser. Here are a few of the best October deer hunting strategies:

  • Mock Scrape and Cell Camera – cell cameras are a common practice in today’s hunting methods, and one of the best locations for one in October is a mock scrape or community scrape. Given most areas, if a buck is nearby a quick scent check is a must for local communication. This will clue you in on whether or not he is in the area and likely to check it again within 24-48 hours.
  • Hunting October Cold Fronts – By using any one of the strategies mentioned here, in combination with an October cold front, and you have a recipe for a buck encounter in daylight. A buck’s pre-rutting behavior of scent checking does and scrapes combines with a 2- or 30-degree temperature shift will likely open up an opportunity for a hunter tracking his movements.
  • Hunting Brassica Food Plots or Acorn Flats – Keying in on a great food source such as a clover food plot, brassica food plot, cut cornfield, or even a secluded acorn flat is a great way to cross paths with a buck in daylight. These food sources truly peak in late October and can remain as such if left alone and not pressured.
  • Hunting A Buck’s Bed – Why it might be frowned upon on private ground, it is a very successful method nonetheless. Public land hunters have been pressuring buck beds for decades, getting in tight to make the daylight encounter happen. Combining this method with cell cameras, nearby scrapes, and cold fronts together can nearly guarantee at least a sighting of the target buck.

Use one of these deer hunting strategies and tactics in October and you will at least strike up one chance encounter with a shooter buck. Even if you don’t find success while bow hunting, you will be that much more dialed in for the November rut!