Blind Setup for Success


Using a Ground Blind

Hunting blinds or ground blinds have been growing in popularity among hunters and for good reason.  Most of today’s modern hunting blinds are well built and are roomy enough for multiple people and extra equipment.  As more hunters are beginning to use ground blinds instead of tree stands, there has been an increase in opinions on the effectiveness of ground blinds and how to set them up for success.  There are numerous reasons to use a ground blind and depending on what species you are pursuing or the location you are hunting, these reasons will differ.  When setting up a ground blind it is important to keep some things in mind that will help increase your chances of a successful hunt.  One thing to consider is that the blind is on the ground and therefore at eye level with the animal.  Deer will absolutely notice a ground blind in their habitat, no matter how concealing the camo pattern is on the blind.  Knowing this, a good rule of thumb is to set up the blind as early as possible before the actual season starts.  Doing this will allow the wildlife to get used to the blind and by the time hunting season rolls around the blind is just part of their habitat.

Ground Blind Setup

When considering the placement for a ground blind, try to locate it in an area that provides you with multiple shots.  This will be different from selecting a treestand location because in a treestand you are elevated above the trails.  In a ground blind, it may be more difficult to find the perfect spot.  Consider setting up a ground blind on the edge of a field or food plot that allows you to shoot into the field but also provides you with shots to trails inside the woods.  If you can do this while also staying out of the deer’s point of view it will decrease the chances of a deer busting you.  Try to set up your blind to the side of a trail so the deer are traveling parallel to your blind rather than right at it.  Just because you are inside a blind doesn’t mean a deer won’t catch you moving or wind you.  The wind is always crucial and even in a ground blind, you want to be set up downwind of the trail or food plot.

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