Learning a New Piece of Water – Late Summer Bass Fishing

By Outdoor America

Learning New Water for Bass Fishing 

As the summer heat dwindles and the cooler fall weather sends bass into feeding frenzies, it might be worth spending some time to find some new waters to fish! While exciting fishing new water is not a breeze, and you need to learn it as quick as possible to get on fish. In this video the lake commandos are thrown into a brand new Dakota lake and must quickly learn what is lurking in the unkown. This brings the definition of angling exploration to a whole new level! 

Learning New Water for Bass Fishing 

Most lakes, streams, and rivers have a vast resource of information to learn from before ever setting foot near the water or boat ramp. Information like lake maps, netting surveys, water clarity, and vegetation information is usually just a click or two away on your cell phone. The Lake Commandos are literally presented with a lake that formed as recent as the early nineties! Learning a new piece of water for bass fishing requires the ability to quickly learn about three very important water features. 

  • Depth 
  • Clarity
  • Structure

Figuring out water depth, clarity, and structure is done with a combination of high tech gear such as a Garmin, and fishing with a very versatile presentation. The guys learn the water after scanning and slowly checking out different areas of the lake without fishing, finding trees, weed walls, and the ideal depth they want to target. Armed with that information the commandos attempt two versatile presentations. The first is a drop shot rigged whacky style with a Berkley PowerBait MaxScent 4” General  with a ¼ oz drop shot on a Fusion 19 1/0 hook, and the second a Jig worm – Berkley PowerBait 5” Straight Money. This combo pulls smallmouth tanks out of the water on this new piece of water. 


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