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Fishing Bobbers on the River

by Ashley Nicole Lewis

Fall brings many opportunities to sportsmen and women that have been chomping at the bit all summer.  Warm water species may have been the target for most of the summer, but salmon and steelhead make an appearance in early fall.  At a time when many outdoorsmen and women are putting their rods away and heading to the woods, some of the best fishing is just heating up.  Salmon and steelhead run from the west coast, east coast, and great lakes last for many months from the fall all the way into the spring.  This unique fishery consists of wild fish, and stocked fish.  Regardless of the origin of the fish you catch, these are likely the largest salmonids to be caught anywhere in the United States.

There is a myriad of different approaches to catching them.  While fishing moderately flowing rivers, bobber dogging is very effective.  Bobber dogging set-ups are great because they are versatile.   With minimal time and effort, you can change between worms, beads, flies, or any type of bait.  Bobber dogging also allows you to adjust the depth of your presentation.  Longer rods in the 9-10’ range work best.  Choose a rod with a bit of backbone as well.  Anglers most often struggle using this setup when they allow too much slack in the line.  Salmon and steelhead will often take a bait and then spit it back out immediately.  If you have too much slack in the line or a rod that is too flimsy, it will delay your hookset.