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Chasing Big Winter Largemouth

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When the temperature drops most fishermen and women are off the water and that allows opportunities to locate more areas holding bass.  Certain locations in the winter will draw larger bass because of feed.  These areas that will hold plentiful prey fish are steep drop-offs, boat docks, and around the brush.  Big largemouth will cruise these spots at certain times in search of food.  One of the best times is the last thirty minutes of daylight before dark.  This is the magic time for catching big largemouth in the winter.  Largemouth do their best to gorge all winter in order to build up energy for the spring spawn.  They seem to be quite aggressive when hunting right before dark.  If you can capitalize on these hot spots and times you should see more action.

Locating Feeding Areas

Selecting a bait or lure that represents the local prey species while also calling attention to itself can increase your success even more.  Rattling baits or life-like plastic lures will entice large bass to strike.  Sometimes going with a vibrant color if the turbidity is high can also draw attention.  Deep diving crankbaits are ideal for running along steep banks and drop-offs.  Working the bait parallel to the bank as you retrieve it will pull bass from the deeper water.  A submerged structure is another excellent location for catching bass in the winter.  Underwater brush piles or trees always provide great habitat for prey fish and allow the bass to hunt with cover.  Finding the food is key in the winter to landing big largemouth.  Being able to hit deeper water as well as targeting structure will definitely increase your chances.