Timber Frogs for Bass Fishing

Navigating Flooded Timber

Sunken timber and heavy weed cover provide just about the best bass habitat you could ask for.  Baitfish and predatory fish have endless cover to hide in.  Shade cover from sunken, standing, or leaning timber in the water can keep fish comfortable and active throughout the day. Terrestrial insects and small mammals may use timber protrusions as perches, and fish know that.  But, for an angler, it can be intimidating.  Casting can be difficult with so many obstructions in the water.  Who hasn’t lost a favorite lure on a sunken log? On any given retrieve, there will be multiple obstacles at varying depths.  Reaching fish that are further down in the water column can be nearly impossible if you are trying to run a lure down that deep. The answer to fishing in these tough conditions is to run something weedless across the surface.  An open water-style frog lure fits the bill perfectly.  These frogs move a lot of water as you bring them in.  This disturbance on the surface will call up fish from far below.  Even if the bass doesn’t see your frog through all the cover, they can pick up on the wake thrown off by the frog. Topwater fishing always creates awesome strikes.  There’s nothing like the water erupting as a bass engulfs your bait.  Landing fish in these conditions is often an interesting endeavor, as they may get wrapped around debris in the water.  It helps to have a maneuverable craft on the water to be able to go to a stuck fish if necessary.