Small Creek Bass with Wicked Wake Baits

Wakebait Small creek Smallmouth Fishing

Kristine is targeting big smallmouth in remote small creeks this week in Wisconsin. The water is clear and shallow, but the fish are big! Kristine explains that some of the most effective techniques for catching these remote fish are against what many would recommend. While most anglers might present more finesse presentations when small creek smallmouth fishing, Kristine covers a lot of water but with longer casts. The longer casts prevent spooking fish, while the noisy topwater allows her to cover a lot of water as she moves through river/creek sections in the kayak. Kristine is using a wakebait, a subsurface topwater bait that creates a “V” shaped wake behind the bait. Because this bait is working both the subsurface and topwater, it attracts fish seeking both types of opportunities. The wakebait is quick, allowing you to cover water fast while moving downstream. This is a big deal when fishing water with a decent amount of speed as “missing” holes due to slower moving presentations is frustrating. Beyond that key feature, the wakebait is a fun eat when presented to smallmouth, as it combines topwater busts and subsurface takes. When using topwater, or just targeting smallmouth on small creeks look specifically for any deeper troughs or holes, lay down, overhanging grass, or good boulders, pinching the wakebait over the cover. This is a great way to target truly the biggest fish in the small creek or river.