Offshore Fishing Gear


The weather is almost always different offshore than on dry land.  Winds, rain, mist, and fog are all possibilities.  If and when the weather clears, the sun is more intense offshore, as there is no cover to block it.   Check the weather before departing, and prepare for all possibilities.

Even with a hot bite, your day can turn unpleasant if you are not prepared for the elements.  The best advice for fishing offshore, as in many outdoor situations, is to dress in layers.  Starting at the top, a sunhat is the first requisite piece of attire.  Choose one with a wide brim to keep the sun off of your face, neck, and ears.  Next, an upper body base layer consisting of an SPF long sleeve shirt will keep you safe from sun exposure.  If the morning temperatures are chilly, or the wind has picked up, a vest or jacket can be kept on board to wear over the SPF shirt.  Offshore fishing can sometimes be a messy business, dealing with bait, and hopefully getting “slimed” by handling an exceptionally large catch.  Zip-up bibs are easy to get in and out of and will keep your base layers clean and dry.  Lastly, your feet need to be kept dry and comfortable.  Waterproof shoes made with slip-resistant soles provide both safety, and all-day comfort.

Fishing is supposed to be fun!  But, the enjoyment may be harder to realize if you are cold, wet, or sunburnt.  You’ll be more likely to stay out on the water all day if you are comfortable.

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