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Late Season Musky Fishing

Fall and early winter are great times to fish for muskies.  Air temperatures and water temperatures have been steadily declining for a few months now, and fish have slowed down.  Muskies have started to settle into their wintering areas, but they still need to feed.  Another positive about late fall and early winter musky fishing is that angler pressure has decreased on most waters.

In any season of hunting or fishing, it is important to take advantage of the creatures’ natural behaviors in the correct habitats for that time of year.  The cold water temperatures and decreased sunlight cause muskies to move less.  Use your electronics to locate potential deep wintering spots with cover and out of any current.  In these conditions, muskies are less likely to pursue fast-paced prey.  Use this to your advantage, and present them with a slow-moving rubber bait.  Jigging or bouncing rubber baits to marked fish, or in likely areas is a great strategy for fall and winter muskies.

To fully enjoy a cold day of fishing, be sure to dress appropriately.  Out on the water, wind can be the biggest issue.  Make sure you bring waterproof or windbreaking gear that covers all exposed skin.  Dressing in layers allows you to add or subtract as needed according to conditions.  Lastly, always check the weather before heading out on the water this time of year.  This is not on necessary for safety and preparing for the weather, but also for fishing prospects.

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