Ice Fishing Deadsticking Setup


Ice fishing setups don’t need to be complicated.  Having the correct equipment will help you get to the fish and make quality presentations to them.

A dead stick rod setup works great for running multiple locations while ice fishing.  The dead stick rod will provide minimal resistance to fish striking your bait when you are not immediately there to set the hook. These rods have a lot of finesse.   A brightly colored tip allows you to monitor it from a distance.  Eight-pound braid with a fluorocarbon leader will suffice to bring fish up from the depths.  Use a barrel swivel to attach the braid to the fluorocarbon.  A split shot above the barrel swivel will help get it down into the water column.  Keep your bait about a foot off the bottom of the lake.  A small minnow as bait will entice bites from all sizes of fish.

After you have rigged up as described above, place the rod in a dangler.  The dangler will allow the rod to have a natural action, and really let the finesse of the dead stick rod do its work.  You can make as many of these setups as lawfully allowed in a short time, increasing your odds.  Another option would be to use an I FISH PRO, which is basically a fancy tip-up type device.  It will also support your rod in a manner that allows it to bend and flex as needed.

Try these setup options this winter and at all times, keep ice safety in mind!

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