Crushing Wisconsin Bass with Buzz Baits

Targeting Bass with Buzzbaits

Fishing for bass with topwater lures, especially buzz baits, is a favorite for many anglers.  Big rivers can be fished effectively when you are able to locate fish by finding the right habitat.  Some places to focus on for river smallmouths specifically are sand bar drops, skinny water, large rocks, and quick-moving channels.  With overcast conditions, buzz baits can be thrown all day long at smallmouth in these habitats.  Observing the size of the resident baitfish is always important for choosing the right size topwater.  This can also help you select the best color and accents such as a trailer instead of just a colored skirt.  Adding a soft-plastic trailer to your buzz bait will change the sound and vibration of the lure also, so playing with these variations can allow you to be prepared for all possible conditions.

Buzzbait Techniques

Bass are known to hang out in dense vegetation and working certain lures through the salad can be frustrating.  Having a bait working on the surface, above the fish, is what makes topwater fishing so exciting.  Having a bass come up from deeper water and smash a topwater bait is an exhilarating feeling.  Speed is key when retrieving a buzz bait and it should be moving above the vegetation fast enough to not get snagged.  Buzzbaits are ideal at first light and last light, while night fishing with buzz baits is a thrilling experience also.  In spring and summer, overcast days are great for topwater fishing.  In the fall and winter, or when water temperatures start to fall, buzz baits and other aggressive topwater baits can be fished at all times with great success.