Catching Giant Fall Musky with Live Bait

Live Bait Musky Fishing Tips

When it comes to fall musky fishing, especially in typical windy, cold front-prone weather of the fall, there are some rules and tips to follow to catch more musky. One of the first best musky fishing tips is to master precision boat control and fish where you want! This can be done by following these simple two rules in tough fall fishing conditions.
  • Fish into the Wind – fishing into the wind allows you to control the boat, and where you are fishing.
  • Fish a Calmer Area if Windy - the calmer areas of a lake will be a lot more enjoyable, and controllable to fish, and fish right.
The second musky fishing tip for fall…especially late fall is to pay attention to the temperature. In late fall you can do a lot with warmer temperatures, but when the weather turns cold, you need to pay attention to fishing the right cadence. In colder temps, especially working baits such as gliders, it is important to leave pauses. Ensuring you are giving the bait pauses, strike-inducing bait behavior, ensures you are indeed slowing the bait down for fish that may not be willing to move great distances. You still need to let the bait work as it is intended to do, but giving the bait long and frequent pauses allows the colder fish a chance to latch on.