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Budget Setup for Fall Walleye

by Nicole Stone

Fall Walleye Strategies

There has been much talk recently of the “endless summer” that much of the country has been experiencing up through the end of October.  However, it looks like we may have finally rounded the corner into more fall-like weather patterns.  The walleye are responding to this change.  Increased cloud cover and cool, dreary days might get normal people down in the dumps, but not the walleye angler!

It doesn’t take any fancy gear to have a successful day chasing fall walleyes.  Simple flasher jigs, tipped with a minnow will get the job done consistently.  During transitional seasons of the year with constantly changing weather patterns, fish may suspend at different depths during different parts of the day.  Once you’ve identified where they are hanging out, where on your sonar, or trial and error, then it’s just a matter of getting your jig down in front of them as often as possible.

During this time of year, big, heavy ‘eyes are thinking of nothing but feeding in preparation for the upcoming winter.  Depending on the lake structure, you might be jigging thirty feet or more below the surface.  To bring one of the big fall walleyes up from that depth, try a medium, extra-fast action rod.  This type of rod has the backbone to set the hook and bring up a big greenback from the depths.  To maximize strength and sensitivity, spool up some eight-pound braid.  By adding a leader of eight-pound fluorocarbon, you’ll get the low profile, invisibly that can entice otherwise suspicious fish.  So, get your fall gear, and enjoy some of the best fishing days of the year!