Best Baits for Windy Day Bass


Use Windy Days to Catch Fish

We don’t always have optimal weather conditions when we have the opportunity to fish.  For those anglers who are hardcore or don’t get many chances to get out fishing, these conditions, which might not be ideal, don’t have to prevent you from hitting the water.  If you have ever fished on a large lake you know how high wind can cause some issues with casting and how your lure works in the water.  Wind can be one of these factors that might stop anglers from getting out but doesn’t have to.  Wind oftentimes positions fish for you so they can be found easier and certain baits can get them fired up and striking.

Ideal Baits for Windy Conditions

There are some great lure and bait options that are perfect to use in the wind.  One option that works well in windy conditions is the bladed jig.  Bladed jigs throw a ton of vibration which makes draws attention even in high winds and moving surface water.  With these lures, you can also slow roll them to change up speed to entice strikes.  As far as where to use these lures, bladed jigs are great around wind-blown points where baitfish are collecting around structure or cover of some sort.  These are areas where bass will be patrolling and looking for food.  Another fishing lure that works great on windy days, similar to a bladed jig, is a spinnerbait.  Spinnerbaits specifically with two larger size blades work wonderfully in windy conditions.  When it is super windy, slow rolling a spinnerbait and making it bump trees or other structures will entice fish to strike.

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