Beginner Salmon Tips

Easy Techniques for Salmon

When most people think of salmon fishing they think of fishing from a boat on major west coast rivers.  However, anglers can have great success fishing for salmon from the river banks.  Whether you are an avid angler or if you are new to the sport of fishing, there are certain techniques and tips that can help you land more salmon.  Such techniques can be useful on west coast rivers that hold salmon. One such technique is spinner fishing, which is a simple method for new anglers, especially on a big river for salmon.  Experienced anglers can become precise with their spinners which makes it even more effective when casting into tight spots.  Spinners come in all varieties of colors and sizes, each having its place.  Water turbidity can dictate what colors or blades should be used.  For example, if you are fishing turbid water and visibility is low, a bright-colored spinner with a larger blade to increase vibration in the water will be more effective.

Changing Up Baits for Salmon

For anglers new to salmon fishing, using a bobber is an uncomplicated way to get started especially if you don’t have a lot of gear.  What is nice about bobber fishing is you can make quick adjustments to your bobber stops to fish any depth.  This is nice when you are working along the banks of a river where it is shallow but you also have fish out from the banks along with a drop-off.  What is also nice about bobber fishing is that you can switch between baits quickly depending on what the salmon are hitting.  Fishing with a strike indicator, like a bobber, is a great method to introduce young anglers into salmon fishing because it teaches patience while fishing and it is always exciting when that bobber goes under.