Field Target Setup


Quick Shooting Setup

As hunting season approaches, we often get caught up with other tasks which leads to last-minute preparation. Gun season sneaks up on us and sighting in your firearm sometimes needs to be done quickly.  We all owe it to the animal we pursue to make sure our gun is on its mark.  Sighting in your gun is a must before every season.  Failing to harvest a deer should never be because of failure to prepare.  We have an obligation as hunters to maintain a positive perception of hunting and harvest game as humanely as possible.  One little bump in the field could change the orientation of the scope so shooting some practice rounds is always a good idea.  If you have a safe shooting area with a clear range and stop, there are some easy and solid setups to help you get sighted in.

Sighting-In Guns in the Field

Any sort of table or bench that allows you to sit and rest your gun is the best setup.  You always want a stable setup to remove human error.   A picnic table, folding table, or shooting bench will work.  As far as a rest, shooting bags or sandbags are speedy and easy to use.  Having a few bags handy to throw onto a bench makes for a quick, sturdy, rest setup.  You just want to make sure the gun is rock solid, especially when you are sighting in your rifle at further distances.  Targets are relatively inexpensive and paper targets are easy to set up.  You can get target stands for holding paper targets.  These target stands fold up, don’t take up space, and are fast to set up.  Using a target stand allows you to change up the distances quickly in the field.  You definitely want to be sighted in for the distance you plan to be shooting.  If you know you may have a shot at 200 yards, then practicing at that distance gives you confidence in your accuracy which will help you make a better shot.



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